Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aadhaar & caste census

[Namaste! I am suranjika
I have completed my masters in biotechnology. I am currently working as a reaserch scolar in a ICAR institute of bhubaneswar.
we all are devotee of sri maa sri aurobindo we all belive in god and very broad minded people.. millee2010 - Oriya, Kendujhar, Hindu: Khandayat, Bride-28, Aries - - 4:58 PM]

[Thus a caste census should thus not be seen as simply a political instrument designed to secure quotas. The fight against caste is best fought when we know the enemy. Caste is an immutable, invisible and overwhelming reality in our daily lives. If we continue to act as if caste does not exist, or deny its existence, we would be failing to do battle with one of the most urgent social inequalities of our time. Caste off those blinkers, Hindustan TimesSagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN senior editor]

Savitri Erans should maintain a positive attitude towards the caste census as our goals are long term and the message of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is yet to reach the vast populace of our motherland. [TNM] 

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