Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heal the duality

[great Rorty line from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek (Graham Harman)
A line attributed to Rorty, with which I couldn’t agree more:
“Every decade or so someone writes a book called something like Beyond Realism and Idealism. Then the critics go at it, and it always turns out that what lies beyond realism and idealism is . . . idealism!"]

The unity of objects, for Husserl, is in those objects themselves, not in a human subject that bundles or counts them.] 

[Towards a Science of Gnosis : An Interview with M Alan Kazlev by Single Eye Movement
Well, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother taught a different approach, to embody the Divine in the gross physical body itself.  So it isn’t a question of the Self and its house or vehicle, rather, the vehicle (gross and subtle bodies) is itself transformed and Divinised and becomes a conscious aspect of the Divine Self
This is also alchemy – the transmutation of base metal (the body and lower consciousness) into gold (realisation, divinisation)]

Just as the earth is a unity but we seldom care to sense it so, so is the body as a manifestation of the divine. Being voluntarily and progressively sensitive to the divine presence always and everywhere that we facilitate the transformation and heal the duality. [TNM]  

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