Saturday, May 22, 2010

Till the Ashram runs upon fair and just rails

Alok Pandey writes: “Whatever it is, I like to believe that you are a genuinely ignorant person and not a malicious one…”
N.N: I am ignorant, the email writer states. Yes everyone is ignorant, no one knows everything… N. Nandhivarman 2010-05-21]

But I call upon the spineless devotees who are waging battle against Peter Heehs to create their own blogs and make their views. Why is it they want to hide behind the back of atheists and defend their divine masters? Is it not a shame to their noble cause? Those who want to counter my views too can come out in open and defend what they think is truth. Public will appreciate open debate, not the ones practiced now by so called devotees. N. Nandhivarman 19.05.2010]

Dear Nandhi,
We have met only once, but I always remember you as a friend. I understand your strategy, and your contribution to the cause of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has already made history. Let us strive without rest till the Ashram runs upon fair and just rails. [TNM] 11:54 PM, May 22, 2010 


  1. From one buffoon to another....

  2. In fact: one pompous buffoon to a still more pompous buffoon....

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