Saturday, June 19, 2010

Once you are used to archives, it loses its charm

[Sangha is charming from a distance, but the closer you get, it pushes all your buttons and brings out all the unwanted things from within you. If you think a group is good it means you are not yet completely with the group. When you are totally part of that group, you will find that some bickering will come up. But you are the one who makes the group so if you are good, your group will also be good.
Sangha has a reverse nature to Buddha. Buddha makes your mind one-pointed; sangha, because it is of so many people, can scatter your mind, fragment it. Once you are used to a sangha, it loses its charm. This is the nature of sangha. Still, it is very supportive. If it were repulsive all the time, then nobody would be part of sangha. 
Buddha uplifts with Grace, love and knowledge, Buddha pulls you up from above, and sangha pushes you up from below. SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR, Jun 16, 2010, TOI Buddha, sangha and dharma - Speaking Tree - Spirituality - Life ..., Home » Life & Style » Spirituality]

Bickering is OK, but conceiving the Ashram as a scientific research institution is utterly mischievous and down right subversive. Moreover, the imperious disregard for the feelings of a large contingent of co-practitioners is appalling. [TNM] 9:59 AM

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