Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ashram's disregard for social contract

The genesis of Sri Aurobindo Ashram may well be traced to the arrival of Sri Aurobindo in Puducherry on April 4, 1910. Today, a century later, the Ashram symbolizes the hope of a sublime future for man. The ground realities, understandably, leave much to be desired but when seen as a unique experiment, one feels humble.

The structural framework of the Ashram underwent umpteen modifications in response to periodical exigencies and its current shape, unfortunately, is not commensurate with the resources it commands, both intellectual and financial. While that can be pardoned considering its status as a private organization, what rankles is the thorough disregard that the Ashram exhibits towards its social contract. Social contract, principally, is three-fold:
  • Safeguarding the memory of the founder Masters,
  • Dissemination of their writings with fidelity; &
  • Welfare of the visitors in general and the devotees in particular.

The first two objectives have come under cloud during the last two years and the Ashram has not cared to make its position clear. Nor has it responded to widely publicized apprehensions expressed by a cross section of devotees and followers from around the world.

When civil procedures fail, then the uncivil forces in; chaos and anarchy follow suit. The Ashram, it is hoped, wakes up before it is too late. [TNM]      

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