Saturday, July 24, 2010

Does anyone stand by the Pranab’s proposal?

Pandey & Deshpande have let out yet another instalment of litanies against the Ashram Trust. Sadly, such exposes are corroding the very foundations of a great institution of global standing. A prolonged standoff is likely to cast shadow of doubt in the hearts of devotees dampening why they throng for Darshan. And this is a despicable prospect, although our adversaries (both, insiders and outsiders) will be delighted.

Savitri Era Party would like that the ashramites settle the matter inhouse through dialogue. One reason why this is not happening is that one side is not organized. They are a few individuals who love to couch their speeches in scholarly or literary idiom. What are the exact allegations against the Trust and what they actually demand is yet to crystallize. It is also not known what the fate of Pranab’s proposal is after his demise and whether anyone stands by it.

Grouping under a credible banner and enumerating exact demands is the minimum that democratic ethos encourages. Clarity and hierarchy are essential for smooth negotiations, and hopefully, Pandey & Deshpande address this lacuna. [TNM]       

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