Monday, August 16, 2010

The Constitution of India has become dysfunctional

The situation in Kashmir today is symptomatic of the larger malaise afflicting the Indian state, which is facing a crisis of credibility on multiple fronts. The situation in the north-eastern states is serious with blockades and political turmoil. The challenge of Maoism is gathering momentum with Mamata Banerjee giving the Maoists a legitimacy that the government of which she is a part is trying to deprive them. The turmoil in the neighbourhood is readily evident as New Delhi becomes marginal to the evolving strategic milieu in Af-Pak. …
Not surprisingly, there is a whiff of fragility and under-confidence in the air, as if at any moment the entire facade of India as a rising power might simply blink out like a bad idea. The writer teaches at King's College, London.]

A grim but timely warning. The author, however, has overlooked the basic reason for such a sorry state of affair. The fact is that The Constitution of India has become dysfunctional and a bunch of manipulators have perfected the skill of swallowing all available means of lording over the others. Electoral reforms and public accountability has taken a back seat, and the mainstream media has long backed out from its role of molding the public opinion. No wonder, the East India Co is back which might propose an able administration for the country. [TNM] 

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