Saturday, August 28, 2010

Das Gupta capitulated to an American brat

I remember the case of Makarand Paranjape’s offensive remarks on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Avatarhood in his introduction to a compilation on Sri Aurobindo, for which the Ashram had given him permission. The same Managing Trustee admirably rose to the occasion, intellectually took on Heehs and others who were supporting the Paranjape’s point of view and forced him to rewrite the introduction. Interestingly, the Managing Trustee’s arguments, which beat Paranjape’s supporters into submission, were more or less the same as ours now. When Heehs’s scandal broke out, I was deeply disappointed that the Managing Trustee did not repeat the act, for which he was in every way capable, both morally and intellectually. Instead, to my utter dismay, he displayed unusual weakness and literally capitulated to an American brat. This is precisely why I suspect that this time an extraneous factor has tied his hands and the dogged defence of the book is merely a smokescreen to cover up a deeper element. As I have said earlier, only Time will tell us the truth, and perhaps after much water flows under the bridge.]

This incidence seems to be a precursor to the Heehs imbroglio and it would be nice if further details of the whole story are made public. The Ashram files various declarations pertaining to its own functioning to the courts from time to time, but the devotees are kept in dark about these goings on. So much for dignified silence! [TNM]   

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