Monday, August 23, 2010

Disclaimer as discursive event

[Textuality is not simply a second-order ideological expression or a verbal symptom of a pre-given political subject. That the political subject as indeed the subject of politicsis a discursive event is nowhere more clearly seen than in a text which has been a formative influence on Western democratic and socialist discourse Mills essay On Liberty.  Homi Bhaba Indian Political Thought: A Reader]

Heehs absolves the Ashram of any obligation through a disclaimer in the book. Though an innocuous and normal insertion, the text, as an event, assumes far greater significance in several ways. For instance:
  • It claims parantage albeit negatively, 
  • The author's sovereignty and independence is also loudly announced,
  • A hint emits that the content might be unconventional (and spicy); &
  • By implication, the Ashram's image is projected as amorphous and permissive. 

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