Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hazards of hagiography

[Re: An Open Letter... A Ridiculous Defence of Savitri Revisions Comment posted by: RY Deshpande 17 August 2010
It is unfortunate, and painful, that I’ve to be to some extent critical about Amal’s messing up the Savitri-editing.  5:58 AM]

Who would have imagined that even Amal Kiran’s role can be criticized but for the blogs. We congratulate Deshpande for these clarifications that were overdue and his anguish will easily turn into jubilation when he realizes that this one line is a far greater offering at the altar of truth than the hundreds of pages of exegesis on Savitri that he has authored so far.

This also brings us to the question of remaining alert to the hazards of hagiography which, incidentally, was treated as quite normal till Heehs happened and is attracting flak for. It is hoped that we listen more genuine accounts of the history of the Ashram in future from multiple sources constituting The Mother’s mythology. [TNM] 

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