Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heehs dared to outdo Hussain

[Comment posted by RY Deshpande:  making obscene paintings of goddesses.] 

The utility of secularism in normal life, and particularly, in governance is indisputable. So pervasive is its impact that even the NDA rule had to adjust itself to its demands. At the other extreme, unfortunately, we find Hussain’s indefensible act of overstretching the limits of freedom and tolerance. He might have settled for a solution to his personal predicament but the whole polity continues to fester. The sublimity of art and the primacy of creative freedom both took a beating; the secular ethos of the nation was maimed irretrievably.

Heehs dared to outdo Hussain. With the kind of reputation that he had painstakingly built up over the years, his objective school of scholarship would have gone places. The backdrop of a renowned spiritual institution would have accorded him an added aura. But he squandered all that in a trice. Consequently, scholarship suffers, research gets a bad name, and the courage of digging out facts is jeered at. Heehs himself is to blame for this demoralizing effect. For, begetting a single bastard child is enough to spoil the toil of an entire life time. [TNM]    

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