Monday, August 30, 2010

Liberating vision for BJP

The RSS under the present leadership is busy rewriting the old rules. Not only has it reined in the BJP but also morphing it into a youthful organization. Ideological flexibility is the order of the day and joining hands with the Left or the Congress on pragmatic considerations no longer raises any eyebrow. What the BJP could not achieve all these years is, finally (and ironically), coming from the RSS. All this, no doubt, is in response to the Rahul effect, but the urgency with which the makeover has been implemented is really admirable.

This was essential as BJP is keen to bolster its national presence and portray itself as the only alternative to the Congress. But it lacks an icon who could bestow it the much needed respectability and credibility. Sri Aurobindo, here, fits the bill perfectly through whom the obscurantist past of the party can easily be hived off. So it needs another deft move by the RSS in its self interest. [TNM]

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