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Lure of Ramli

[(title unknown) from enowning by enowning
Slavoj Žižek gets all speculative about sexual signifiers.
“Perhaps the ultimate philosophical fantasy would be here the discovery of a manuscript in which Hegel, the systematician par excellence, develops a system of sexuality, of sexual practices contradicting, inverting, sublating each other, deducing all (straight and “perverse”) forms from the basic deadlock.”]

The assertion of sexual rights and the opening of the closet have liberated many sexualities and freed the secular subject to pursue its desires and claim alternative sexual identities without shame. The young, unmarried woman can now openly and proudly display her pregnancy. The gay man and other LGBTQI’s need not hide their desires and orientations. Yet the sex scandal, marked by media frenzy and public shaming, has not disappeared. …
What role does “spirituality” play in this discursive reconfiguration of sexuality and religion?]

In these excerpts from Kishor Gandhi's book Light on life-problems, Sri Aurobindo eludicates on the spiritual purpose behind transmutation of sexual energies and whether psychological disorders can be caused by complete abstinence.]
The path of Yoga demands the difficult task of transmuting the sexual energy (Retas) into spiritual vigor (Ojas) as discussed in a previous post. Sex is a natural urge implanted in human beings for the procreation of the species but when indulged in excess, it leads to the degradation of the soul. The spiritual solution lies neither in forced suppression nor licentious expression but moderation through the application of progressive self-control. There is usually a period of struggle, which varies depending on past-life development, before the individual consciousness evolves to a stage where the sexual urge drops off naturally. How you pace yourself in this conversion is upto you. This post brings together some observations on the sublimation of sexual energy derived from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.]

Whether we look at poetic imagination, visions, dreams, artistic conception, we still come back to the underlying reality that is the basis of the activity. Thus, the analogies have no relationship to the phenomenon we are trying to explain.
When we look at the operation of Maya, however, we see a vast cosmic illusion that allegedly DOES appear out of “thin air” with no basis for the creation in anything preceding it.]

[On the edge of the future: Esalen and the evolution of American ... - Page 101 Jeffrey John Kripal, Glenn W. Shuck - 2005 - 323 pages
Murphy has noted that although Spiegelberg was never as influenced by Aurobindo as he was and in fact could be quite critical of the ashram, particularly for its sexual puritanism and the authoritarian style of the Mother, Aurobindo’s spiritual partner and successor ...]

The scintillating Odissi by Ramli Ibrahim and his student at Kamani yesterday showcasing labyrinths of tantric imageries was a compelling interrogation as well as dialogue between art and ontology. The age old questions, it seemed, remains unresolved. [TNM]  

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