Sunday, August 08, 2010

Old religions sense a threat from the rise of Savitri Era Religion

Opposition to Savitri Era Religion comes from various quarters. First and foremost is the internal resistance which relies upon the explicit pronouncements of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo that they distrust organized forms of religion and don’t intend to found a new one. The fact that Sri Aurobindo wrote elaborate commentaries on traditional religious scriptures and endorsed eclectic practices in hundreds of letters addressed to his disciples is conveniently glossed over. For, these activities, obviously, don’t fall within the secular domain and are patently religious. It is common sense, therefore, that it has to be a new religion as Hindus won’t accommodate a Jewish Divine Mother.   

The second category of opponents is a vocal lot of assorted varieties: academicians, columnists, journalists, leftists, pluralists, rationalists, secularists etc. who are suspicious of religion in general and any new one in particular.       

Old religions which sense a threat from the rise of Savitri Era Religion are formidable adversaries. The day someone sways mass attention towards the Puducherry auroma their citadels would come crumbling down. So, there is reason for their concern and covert acts of subversion.

Rival Ashrams and their networks spread maximum disinformation regarding The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Having mastered the art of marketing and modern event management styles, they keep their flock insulated from genuine quest for knowledge. The works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, therefore, never reach them. [TNM]  

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