Monday, August 16, 2010

Producing alternative text

Alterations in Savitri and indiscretions in The Lives of Sri Aurobindo now exist in black and white. But quarrelling with the past is of no avail. The whole emphasis should rather be on how to salvage the situation and apply correctives. Unanimity in this regard, obviously, is not easy to hammer; and therefore the need for open discussions and dialogue.  

The first requirement is perhaps eschewing a vindictive attitude towards Heehs. Each individual is inchoate and he has performed his role conforming to the laws of finitude. Texts are composed of alphabets and they can easily be changed anytime in the future.  Printing, too, is no more a hassle as cyberspace ensures instant publishing.

The task, therefore, is to produce alternative text. This is serious work and warrants collaborative effort. Those who feel concerned and are capable must come forward to undertake this much needed enterprise. Disabusing the devotees of the disinformation dished out for years is certainly a sacred cause. [TNM]  

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