Friday, August 27, 2010

Running with Heehs

Comment posted by: Tusar N. Mohapatra Re: Sraddhalu Ranade writes to Manoj Das:
This following post by Banerji was deleted by him because of mistaken attribution but retains its significance for evidencing the ambivalence that Das skillfully wove for two years climaxing in his letter to Sraddhalu. [TNM]

[Notable Ommissions: Manoj Das Reviews  The Lives of Sri Aurobindo - Annotatated by Debashish Banerji from Science, Culture and Integral Yoga by Debashish on Sat 16 May 2009 - Manoj Das, recepient of India's most prestigious literary award has penned a short review of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Das praises the book for its empirical data but clears those who see "malicious intentions" in it from "blame" after affirming "These interpretations reveal more of author’s inner workings than the object of investigation." He then points to a number of "active ommissions" by the author, but in the process, himself pepetrates the most notable omission in the annals of men of letters of all times by forgetting to mention that those he "cannot blame" are actively supporting persecution of the author and book banning. Here is an annotated version of the review. Savitri Era Open Forum on 5/16/2009, Savitri Era on 6/03/2009]

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