Saturday, August 21, 2010

Satprem won, Heehs won't

The gross improprieties that have come to light in the recent past has proved beyond doubt that Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry has gathered dross. Taking shelter under technical lacunae, these elements have been successful in creating an impression that they are indispensable and their fort is impregnable. Prolonged assignment of executive duties has landed many into the illusion of handling power perpetually. Instead of facing the searchlight of truth squarely, they are resorting to crude subterfuges and diversionary devices.

Timid reconcilers and confused fence sitters are perhaps imagining that this imbroglio would go the Agenda way. But, their calculation is bound to backfire in the end. Satprem had The Mother’s resplendent words in his side and therefore he won, whereas in Heehs we encounter a hyena who scavenges stray phrases to create deceiving versions of reality. Mostly he comes across not as a great craftsman but as a crafty interloper.      
Now that the final showdown is drawing near, it is necessary to spread out the antenna a bit scrupulously. For, the book and its author is not the only issue, rather the very sanctity of the Ashram and its reputation are at stake. We are all familiar with the “Silence” commands, but the advisory currently is perhaps to speak out. [TNM]     

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