Monday, August 30, 2010

Savitri Era is the most versatile and vibrant of all religions

[Rahul Gandhi can't be all things to all people Daily News & Analysis OPINION > Editorial -  Monday, Aug 30, 2010 In what was probably his most political speech till date, he praised the tribal people of Orissa for standing up to the bullying ways of a large corporation ... Over the past few years, Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a charismatic youth leader, and his appeal seems to cut across caste, class and ideology. … But as he emerges evermore in the public sphere, he will have to make some hard choices on what he really wants to be. He can’t be all things to all people.]

one has to draw a line regarding certain active omissions and factual distortions in the book which warrant action rather than tolerance.]

Savitri Era Religion has had a chequered career thus far. Each person was happy to define it according to his sweet will till Heehs brought the matter to the brink.  One has to draw a line therefore as it can't be all things to all people for ever. And in this context, perhaps the foremost principle is that we can’t compromise with the premise of the old and established religions.

Savitri Era Religion has attracted appellations like synthetic or integral, but that does not mean amalgamation. Having presence in almost all countries of the world, it is the most versatile and vibrant of all religions, but at the same time it has its distinct identity and set of practices. There is absolutely no need to be apologetic about them, and the more we prefer to come out in the open about our religious choice, the better will be the prospect of our young religion. [TNM] 

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