Friday, August 06, 2010

Sraddhalu ushers sunshine in

Sraddhalu’s historic letter of July 28, 2010 is an eye-opener that nails many lies. We desist from linking it to akin epochal events for 95 reasons, but can’t resist the temptation of etching a couple of footnotes (to history!), as old habits die hard. [TNM

[Even then these devotees took great care to keep the Ashram Trust and the Press out of the picture and out of the legal proceedings. All requests from the local and national media were politely turned down. … Even in subsequent legal actions by devotees, the public exposure was carefully restricted by design.]

Shunning the media was a mistake for "sunshine is the best disinfectant" for ill-doings.  
[Like most inmates of the Ashram, I too hardly care who sits on the Trust chairs, and have no personal interest in the management of the Ashram or its services or departments, choosing to stay as far away as possible from administrative and political matters. Like most, I too always respect the Chair and by extension whichever “fool” sits on it.]

Before this escapist rhetoric sinks in, he, however, hastens to add:

[But if the Chair-man promotes abuse of Sri Aurobindo or puts the Ashram’s future in danger, then all of us in the community must raise our voices, even if that lands us in trouble with the powers that be.]

Elsewhere, he says:

[In any case the question is not of procedures but of values and interests. I care a whit what procedure is followed as long as the selection of Trustees is by the highest standards of conduct and wisdom.]

This is another impaired stand which, of course, he amends adequately, subsequently:

[In the absence of a “certified” spiritual person, nobody can claim spiritual judgment, neither the Trustees nor others. But it is important that the community sets for itself some standards, whatever they be, and ensures that our Trustees and heads of services meet those criteria, along with suitable checks and balances.] 3:21 AM 

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