Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surrendered Jauhar

[Pipe leak shuts Aurobindo Marg again Times of India
NEW DELHI: Aurobindo Marg, one of the arterial roads of south Delhi, again became ground zero of a massive traffic chaos on Friday. ...
... after Tata Motors certified the Nano as "absolutely safe", in a first in Delhi, a car went up in flames at a parking lot in Aurobindo Marg on Friday. ...]
Whenever Sri Aurobindo adorns the front page of Times of India, we pay homage to Jauhar.

Christological theories abound seeking to reconcile the divine and human aspects, and Savitri Erans face more or less a similar situation while rationalizing the divine manifestation of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The problem is rather compounded because they are two and belong to different sexes and are so recent in history and lived amongst us. Many confusions, therefore, are bound to arise when we apply their sayings verbatim to circumstances separated by space and time.

Erangelism, for instance, is a sphere of work as essential as any other and in a broader sense includes all actions dedicated to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The signboard announcing “Sri Aurobindo Marg” silently serves the erangelical purpose while the orator or the writer might seem more vocal. Further, each person has his specialized role to play and through coordinated division of labour only we can surge forward. [TNM]        

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