Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tomorrow is World Union Day

Debate and discussion over Sraddhalu’s July 28 letter in the blogosphere adds up to almost negligible. People, obviously, don’t want to risk personal equations for the sake of macro and abstract–seeming concerns. Nothing surprising that the butcher, the brewer, & the baker will safeguard their own interest first. But what about them who get up and go to bed with books?

Tomorrow is World Union Day. But with the Ashram Trust as well as the Auroville Foundation in such miserable states of governance, what shall we tell to the world outside? Won’t it be sheer hypocrisy waxing eloquence about human unity if the devotees are harassed but imposters harbored?

The prototype of the world government must emerge from within the Ashram itself. A truly representative federal set-up can function as a nucleus as well as inspiration. The same can be replicated in Auroville too in due course. But the cartel of existing power brokers forms a formidable obstacle. Breaking it would require a different set of hammers. [TNM]       

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