Thursday, August 12, 2010

When the patient is the doctor

Heehs further mixes up spiritual realities with cultural issues.]

[An Open Letter to Manoj-baboo from RY Deshpande Comment posted by: Raman Reddy, V.
Indians at the Archives did not have any problems working under American editors, they have been humbly working under them from decades; it is only Americans like Heehs (and now Hartz) who have problems with Indians. It is they who have shown themselves to be not worthy of our trust. I regret to bring up this racial topic because it would have been so much better had we all simply considered ourselves children of the Divine Mother than thought in terms of our respective races and nationalities. But once the issue has surfaced from the subconscious, let us face it boldly with strength and honesty than with weakness and capitulation.]

Racial and other cultural issues fall under the academic discipline of Sociology and the Ashram as a case study could have been a fertile ground for groundbreaking inferences given its long history of an actual heterogeneous community endeavoring to forge chords of unity and solidarity at the psychological level by breaking the surface barriers that would normally occur.

All this can easily happen in cool headed academic explorations provided misusing the word, “spiritual” stops as the right word is either “yogic” or “religious.” [TNM]

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