Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wideness, humility and spirit of service

[They should not rule over the Ashram or its inmates. Ideally, sadhaks of wide minds and open hearts, they should serve the interests of the Ashram community as a whole. If they do not have the requisite wideness, humility and spirit of service, they are unfit for this function. -- Sraddhalu 28.7.2010 Reply to Manoj Das from Sraddhalu Ranade 3:21 AM]

This stipulation assumes that some would be more equal than the others. How persons of such caliber from within the community itself who qualify and can be elected/selected/nominated/co-opted as Trustees is the moot point. The modalities need to be spelled out, so that fresh ideas about fair administration of the Ashram flow in. 

Decentralization and distribution of portfolios also is an important facet of an efficient administration. This facilitates specialization as well as accountability leading to adequate appraisal and supervision. Developing suitable infrastructure for such structural modifications should be a priority. Representation of women and innovations like the Citizens’ Charter or Ombudsman etc. could be incorporated by and by. [TNM] 

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