Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ashram lacks the leeway that Savitri Era Party enjoys

Savitri Era Party doesn’t nurture any rancour against Peter Heehs and respects his dignity and freedom. The work he has produced over the years is in the public domain which others may rightfully critique. Errors, if any, can be rectified or refuted in matching publications.

Savitri Era Party also maintains that he has the right to publish and distribute The Lives of Sri Aurobindo in India or wherever he likes. The book has terribly hurt a section of devotees, but it has supporters too. In any case, the damage can never be undone and the only recourse at present is to grin and bear it.

The responsibility of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, however, is more critical and it will be forced to take certain administrative steps in this regard. If a considerable number of inmates continue to protest against Heehs’ stay, the situation might turn volatile. Das Gupta is now safe in his seat till the case is disposed, but he lacks legitimacy and the moral staff.   

Savitri Era Party hopes that the internal affairs of the Ashram are conducted with fairness and transparency. While on the horns of a dilemma concerning political correctness, safeguarding the core functions by the Ashram assumes priority. The Ashram, thus, lacks the leeway that Savitri Era Party can boast of. [TNM]     

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  1. Why does Das Gupta lack "legitimacy and the moral staff"? Who has more legitimacy? The hyper-inflated protégé of the inflated Madhav Pandit?