Monday, September 20, 2010

The book is a frontal attack on Savitri Era Religion

Savitri Era Religion was formalized in 2006 and the book appeared in 2008. The divinity of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo was openly challenged by the author in his promotional pronouncements. In the guise of documenting the outward events in the life of the Master, the author injected liberal doses of doubts, half truths, and misinterpretations. The thrust of the book was to portray Sri Aurobindo's feats and foibles as a human being disregarding the divine aspect. The Mother too received a miserable treatment in Heehs’ hands.

Overall, the book is a frontal attack on Savitri Era Religion. The author has no concern for the devotees and their sentiments. Devotional performances are anathema to him. The basic moral feeling of respecting others’ faith and not disturbing their source of solace has dried up in him. He vents all his repressed frustrations by this sadistic venture of maligning The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

In three sentences he demolishes whatever good deeds he might have performed in the past three dozen years. He demolishes the sacred throne of The Mother which the devotees carry in their hearts all their life through umpteen trials and tribulations. He demolishes the profound significance of the momentous meeting that took place on March 29, 1914.

It is a dastardly and cruel act, acting from the very precincts which he was entrusted to guard and preserve; which sustained him all his adult life. But the adulteration that he has perpetrated has no remedy. He knew it well and applied his lethal stroke. But how can he escape the consequences? As the enemy no. 1 of Savitri Era Religion he has already earned immortality. Epics will be written to sing his notoriety and Heehs will be jeered for ages to come. [TNM]

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