Friday, September 10, 2010

Eleven member team

The Petitioners/Plaintiffs are 1. Mr. S. Ramanathan, 2. Mr. Niranjan Naik, 3. Ms. Sudha Singha, 4. Mr. Raman Reddy, & 5. Mr. Sraddhalu Ranade whose order Debashish Banerji, Rich Carlson, & David Hutchinson (itself a hierarchy) change to Sraddhalu Ranade, Raman Reddy, Niranjan Naik, Sudha Sinha, S. Ramanathan. Banerji & sons also mention assistance of another five persons, viz., Alok Pandey, Ranganath Raghavan, Ananda Reddy, Kittu Reddy, and Kumud Patel. If we add RYD then the total number of acknowledged “accused” stands at 11. No doubt, the number is likely to swell by and by. [TNM]   

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