Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hang together

Sri Aurobindo Bhavan: Talk by Prof. Manoj Das on Faith and Friendship in lines of Changing Value,” Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, opposite Ulsoor Lake, 6.30 p.m.]

Why can’t Pandey & Deshpande and Reddy & Ranade speak in one voice? Having stuck their necks out in the Heehs imbroglio from the very beginning, there should have been no problem at all in issuing joint statements, corrigenda, or rejoinders. Imperfect use of words would have been taken care of as four or more people were to be involved in the process.

The present state of confusion should end. The minimum demands need to be articulated precisely and the (ring)leaders should append their signatures signifying unanimity. Urge for literary and creative compositions as well as exhibitionism (or, lack of it), thus, will be delinked from the brass tacks. [TNM]    

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