Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heehs like Kalidas has committed the Cardinal Slur

Heehs toying with the idea of provoking a riot in the very preface of the book is quite intriguing. Predictably, the examples of Rushdie, Taslima, and Hussain must be playing in his mind and he perhaps secretly yearned for basking in reflected (vain)glory. His tryst with bombs having bombed at the box office in the past, he obviously craved this book to top the charts. Recall how Carlsciyon was braying about violence and baying for blood the shameful screeds of which he has hidden to wash his past.   

Heehs, like Kalidas (straying to utter my name), has committed the Cardinal Slur and no amount of seena jori can condone that. The consequences are on the autopilot which, sadly, his allies will also partake in proportion to the delay they engender. Rich and famous can Heehs become leading a colorful life but won’t be able to bury his past. His reputation besmirched and writing career shattered, infamy and ignominy will dog him. Better therefore he seeks salvation in the Murphy-Kripal Math. [TNM]       

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