Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Insult vs. expulsion

Banerji & Sons are fond of raising the bogey of global fundamentalism against the anti-book campaign. They insist that the book has no blemish and blaming it is only an alibi for capturing power within the Ashram. But their open appreciation for the present management spurs suspicion and signals partisanship. However, installing a bulwark against expelling Heehs can be said to be their major achievement. Seen against the backdrop of probable covert racial discrimination, the significance accentuates manifold and their aggressive intervention earns a halo.

Most Westerners siding with Heehs perceive this as a just cause. The expulsion is an emotive issue before which a few disputed words in the book look inconsequential. And then, they plead, the author has mentioned that the Ashram is not responsible; so why protest? The spectre of “persecution” of Heehs assumes a much larger importance than the original insult to Sri Aurobindo. That such unanimity of perception is driven by much meaner instincts is not difficult to decipher.  

Strangely, this community would not be bothered at all if Heehs’ opponents are ever evicted. Votaries of human rights, they are fulminating against the aggrieved five filing a suit. What can be a better instance of travesty of truth? [TNM]

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