Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Manoj duo have turned Heehs Das

The unholy alliance of Manoj duo with Banerji & Sons in shielding Heehs and his ilk is definitely not ensuing from an enlightened-liberal-yogic inspiration. Rather, the lure of power and money is at play lubricating a loose ideological consensus. If they succeed in pushing the line they are pursuing at the moment, then the Ashram will become just a satellite of Auroville. Inmates enjoying autonomy and untrammeled freedom will turn it into an inn.

Heehs cleverly camouflaged his loose talk under swathes of hard data and cold facts thus maneuvering his acquittal. He has been winning every war since 1986 trouncing stalwarts like Jugal and Pranab and hence was sure of his invincibility. With the solid backing of the Ashram Trust and influential Westerners he had only contempt for religious minded Indians and their pathetic rhetoric. In one stroke he catapulted himself to the status of the Supremo with minions slugging for him in each place including the archives. So much so that Manoj duo have turned Heehs ‘Das’ by sacrificing their experience and mortgaging their conscience.

The current ‘India Shining’ wave is a disconcerting phenomenon for the Westerners long used to the spontaneous awe and admiration expressed by the locals. Neither their languages nor their jargonized theoretical formulations carry the same appeal as happened earlier because of which they miss the ‘recognition’ now. This loss of esteem is posing a serious crisis for the foreign nationals sheltered in the Ashram. Nostalgia for their fatherlands and respective religions is also a debilitating factor.   

Obviously, there would be case wise peculiarities but we hardly hear such sociological confessions or analyses. Heehs, in particular, has much to hide about his past and that falls under the now infamous rubric of “dignified silence.” But why the same dignity vanished while talking about the Masters so uncharitably, no one is willing to explain. Rather, people are falling over each other to defend Heehs to ensure his fixture within the Ashram.

The die is cast. Heehs, the author and Heehs, the ashramite are two separate personas. Only one has the right to live, and the choice is free. [TNM]  

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  1. You have revealed the ugly force behind the book in your revelatory, and by far the best critique that there exists. True, eloquent and masterful are both your comments.