Thursday, September 30, 2010

Noticing the slant

[A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs ... By General Editor
The following notice was put up on the Sri Aurobindo Ashram's notice board on 23.9.2010 afternoon and then removed the same evening. It was put up again on the 24th afternoon and again removed on the 27th afternoon. Since this notice has significant bearing on the recent controversies surrounding the book, we hope that its circulation in public will help to clarify things and lead to better understanding among all. -- Editorial Team]

[The notice signed by the Managing Trustee, Manoj Das Gupta, you refer to in your posting was removed a first time because comments had soiled it. A clean, fresh notice was then put again – and this time it was torn. – Paulette 29 Sep 2010]

The two versions tell two different stories. This is how the truth is mauled by its avowed messengers. [TNM]

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  1. I am not surprised at all. Paulette, inspite of all the flowery and decorative-emotional language on all the senior sadhaks, and Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, will not bat an eyelid when it comes BETRAYING the sadhaks and Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Be it known to all that she supports Peter and his book. Like most Westerners her loyalty is to the West. She is also deluded and caught by this ghost of East-West divide. This is an egoistic identification. And these senior sadhaks that she keeps ranting about, has she bothered to see how they lived and their loyalty to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother? Would they ever insinuate an emotional/marital/sexual relationship PUBLICLY in writing between the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Those who support the book are all traitors even though they do not intend to be.