Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Numbers and bombers

As I read more and more about “Global Christianity,” I am growing increasingly uncomfortable with the focus on numbers and growth rates. My objection isn’t that religion shouldn’t be quantified, etc., but rather with the ways that the inevitable breathless recitations of statistics seem to fit all too well with stereotypes about the seething horde of humanity in the Third World, with its unstoppable frenzy of breeding and spreading — such that “they” are in danger of taking over Western countries or bringing the earth itself to its knees through their demands for resources, etc.]

Savitri Era Religion has been wrestling with resistance from both the rationalists as well as Christians. It is, therefore, not easy to rule out tacit incitement by both the groups in the Heehs imbroglio. The recent phobia of being Bangalored is also an added dimension now. [TNM]  

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