Friday, September 17, 2010

Odisha will lead

Manoj Das has written a 10-page reply to Niranjan Naik which could well have been published in the Navaprakash for its literary merit. Why the devotees are being kept in dark about the goings on in the Ashram is difficult to guess.

Manoj Das seems to have equated the trustees with the level of the gods and is ready to do their bidding as a humble soldier. He also advises Naik to emulate him in this regard. Agreed that living long years within a feudal set-up can blunt one’s democratic antenna. But such an example of servility is absolutely shameful.

Savitri Era Party calls upon the countless devotees of Odisha to hold their head high with self-respect and reject the plea of this slave of Manoj Das Gupta. [TNM]

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