Saturday, September 04, 2010

Savitri Era, & not Sonia era

[Sonia re-elected Express Buzz - Santwana Bhattacharya Express News Service: 04 Sep 2010
NEW DELHI: Heavy rain and terrible traffic snarls could not dampen the festivities in the Congress headquarters on Friday as Sonia Gandhi was declared elected Congress president for the fourth consecutive term - 'unopposed'. …
With no one really challenging her leadership, her nominated Prime Minister heading a record second-term government, her former bête noirs or their children firmly stationed in the UPA coalition, it seemed just other another day, just another political jamboree.
It is, perhaps, this sense of stability that made her new innings look mundane, robbing the significance of the record scored.]

It is a sad day for the country that Sonia got elected Congress president for 4th time. When Motilal Nehru co-founded Swaraj Party in 1922 with Chittaranjan Das and others, he could never have imagined that such will be the turn of events involving his descendants. Democracy in India, it is clear, is in a deplorable state, although all its trappings are firmly in place and are kicking.

A political party is no more a political party and the Prime Minister is no more the Prime Minister. And such is the times that the media is no longer the media it used (and ought) to be. So, a Celestine conspiracy, it seems, is working in favor of Sonia but Savitri Erans refuse to take this "stability" for granted. [TNM]       

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