Sunday, September 05, 2010

Savitri Era Religion fosters the right ecology

The task ahead for all who believe in Capitalism is to study Mises, study Bastiat, study Adam Smith, Hayek, Bauer, Rothbard, Hoppe - and energetically engage public opinion. It is ultimately public opinion that holds up any political order.] 

Marxists legitimately differ on how the transition to capitalism took place, but I would put it like this: the English ruling class, experimenting with various property forms in response to feudal crisis and class struggles, alit upon what became the capitalist form, most basically in the transition from freehold tenancies to leasehold tenancies. …
Rational choice marxism's attempt to reinscribe the marxist theory of history and class struggle in the terms of methodological individualism has to be judged a failure. … For my part, while I think it is correct to attribute some explanatory power to individual relations and actors, I don't think the market-based models of rationality are very useful for assessing individual motives and behaviour.]

[Kotsko Reads Meillassoux from Larval Subjects by larvalsubjects
What is the core of pre-critical metaphysics? It’s the idea that we can deduce, through pure thought, the existence of entities like God or the immortality of the soul, as well as the properties of entities like God and the universe as a whole. I can’t say that I’ve seen any of the speculative realists make claims even remotely approaching this. This was the key target of Kant’s first critique. You know, all that stuff about the soul, world, and God. That’s what Kant banished from philosophy.] 

John Milbank’s recent article on Christianity, Enlightenment, and Islam seems to me to have an overly optimistic view of the West, combined with an overly pessimistic view of Islam. In fact, he seems to believe that the basic solution to most problems in the Islamic world is either for Islam to become more like Christianity or for Muslims to just outright convert (albeit by their own “Islamic path to Christ”). …
The idea that Christianity and Enlightenment are the answer to the ravages of capitalism is basically self-refuting. … All in all, despite its nuances and concessions, this piece appears to be a remarkably naive example of Western triumphalism.
I hope that there is some young, aspiring Radical Orthodox theologian for whom these types of articles have an impact similar to the impact the support of the German theological establishment for World War I had on a young Karl Barth]

Neither Christianity nor Islam seems to be equipped with the ontological nuts and bolts to hold the expanding demands of the human mind together. Savitri Era Religion, on the other hand, fosters the right ecology by integrating the best from the West and the East. [TNM]  

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