Sunday, September 12, 2010

Savitri Era Religion is fresh from the mint

[Against Judaist-Christianism from The Immanent Frame - by Arjun Appadurai
The real utility of the term “Islamism” is that it allows for the use of the adjectival form “Islamist,” which can be applied to any person, position, value, or policy that one wishes to smear as vaguely fascist or fundamentalist. Thus, I propose a general expansion of this usage with words such as Christianist, Hinduist, Buddha-ist (since Buddhist will not do the job) and the like. 
… the use of the term “Christianist” and “Judaist” have a sharper edge than the idea of Christian or Jewish fundamentalists could ever have. That is why the word “Islamist” today has such toxic force. It is more than a short form that collapses the need for the two words “Islamic” and “fundamentalist.”]

[One day I hope it will be possible for each one of us to partake of the rich traditions, of the Jains, the Buddhists, the several communities that fall under the umbrella of Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, as well as of the many indigenous peoples without the compulsive need to publicly display that we belong first and foremost to only one of these. Rajeev Bhargava Grounding Morality: Freedom, Knowledge and the Plurality of Cultures]

Academicians tend to enumerate various religions as frozen in time. That a new Savitri Era Religion can germinate and take root is beyond their demographic compass. They also fail to see what they wish for is already available and the benefits can easily be derived just by stopping to be shy of public display. There, admittedly, are many elements in older religions that one doesn’t want to be associated with, but Savitri Era Religion is just fresh from the mint. [TNM]  

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