Sunday, September 12, 2010

Speech of Churchill was dictated by The Mother

[His Hour Of Infamy Outlook - Sep 11, 2010 Churchill’s hand fed the appallingly dire Bengal famine. SWAPAN DASGUPTA
Unfortunately for Bengal, all attempts to prevent a humanitarian disaster was stymied by the pig-headedness of Churchill, who combined his distaste for Gandhi and “beastly Indians” with a firm determination to utilise all available shipping to keep the home front happy. The British government fudged statistics to maintain high buffer stocks of food at home, thereby denying relief to the starving Bengali peasant. The results were predictably horrifying.
The portrait of Churchill that Mukherjee paints is sharply at odds with the image of the doughty bulldog who inspired an island nation to do the impossible.]

Contemporary historian Ramachandra Guha says, "In her book, Madhusree writes evocatively of how hunger and rebellion in rural Bengal was a product of cynicism and callousness in imperial London."
Book blames Churchill for Indian famine that killed millions Iran Book News Agency - Sep 11, 2010 Hindus ask for Britain's apology for millions of starvation deaths of 1943 famine Newspost Online (blog) - Sep 11, 2010 Churchill blamed for one million famine deaths in India during Second World War StarPhoenix - Sep 11, 2010 An Indian author has blamed Sir Winston Churchill for allowing more than a million people to die of starvation during the Second World War.] 

In spite of this factual disclosure, Winston Churchill stands tall owing to his peerless role during WW-II. [TNM] 

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