Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Waiting for goat

Most of the affidavit is devoted to a repetition of the unfounded charges made over the last two years by Ranade, Reddy and others against The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. The book is described in the wildest and most irresponsible terms which do not correspond to anything Heehs has written. - Debashish Banerji, Rich Carlson, & David Hutchinson]

Deceitful opinion of three persons can prove a goat to be a dog, tells an Odia tale. Banerji & Sons are a burning example of such a troika out to overturn what is sach. Honorable men, and versed in hermeneutics as they flamboyantly are, why they so vehemently prohibit alternative interpretations, defies commonsense.

Ranade & Reddy are surely entitled to their favored readings celebrating Indian democracy. Savitri Era Party has every right to disseminate its deliberately jaundiced propaganda. Manoj-duo-come-lately are catching up with pamphleteering and long to steal a march by covering the last mile via vernacular ventures. And in all this the text and its web of words are to blame and not the reader ("The death of the author is the birth of the reader," at the risk of repeating ad nauseum, the Barthes bite).

The courts, after all, are meant for conflict resolution, and their reading will be binding. But in the Ashram there is no separation of powers and therefore this feeling of inconvenience. Even a sensible voice like Lipschutz’s terms it as a politicized public court, whatever that means, alas! [TNM] 

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