Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dr. Raghu can still redeem his reputation

Heehs imbroglio continues to spawn high quality dialogue as fresh Acts are unfolding and the entry of Dr. Raghu has enlivened the whole scene. He has been the butt of many jokes and the target of numerous invectives. He has weathered it all and yet remains defiant.

“Who this Dr Raghu is?” many are anxious to know, but I have no clue. He started out as a rationalist and collated references as to where Sri Aurobindo can be shown as a mere human being devoid of any divinity. So far so good. Because the truth is that I have no means to prove that Sri Aurobindo was divine; and rather out of my self-interest I attribute divinity onto him. It’s a free choice and others are equally free to treat him as per their sweet will.

In this sense Dr. Raghu’s objections were dispensable. But soon he was found to be a convenient tool by the Heehs’ hounds as all their responses were routed through him. Overnight, Dr. Raghu metamorphosed into an authority on Sri Aurobindiana. Such forsaking of honesty by an avowed rationalist is surely atrocious but perhaps an essential episode in this sordid drama.

Dr. Raghu can still redeem his reputation if he conducts his interrogation a bit impartially. He can start with the poser no 1: “Is Peter Heehs the founder of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives?” [TNM]  

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