Monday, October 25, 2010

Postmodernism's sensitivity towards diversity

One of the major contributions of Postmodernism is sensitivity towards diversity which was steamrolled under the juggernaut of modernity during the past few centuries. Significantly, Sri Aurobindo also championed this by counseling unity instead of uniformity.

There will be a class of devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo who will stick to the narrow religious way. Another class of followers may not prefer any public display but continue to be practitioners of Integral Yoga. Many more admirers will be there who might shun religion and spirituality but are drawn by the intellectual challenge. Besides a large section will be there who are just neutral or harbor a casual respect.

However, if group-F feels that group-D is out to destroy their ideal, then the situation becomes conflictual. But, group-D also has the right to prevent the core from dilution, and hence animosity simmers. There should be mutual respect, therefore, between different groups. Recognizing that various levels of appreciation are possible and have to be tolerated is a great help. One can start with Brecht, Barthes, Bakhtin, & Baudrillard. [TNM]

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