Saturday, November 06, 2010

Auroville must be returned to its rightful owners

The ubiquitous Soviet Land in our school days used to be a coveted source of color pages for covering the text books. No one was interested in its official propaganda. The state of Auroville Today is almost the same at present. Ironically, it is directing its readers to other websites for more authentic information.

Moreover, the state of Auroville itself is highly troubling. A complete negation of the original conception, it is verily a caricature and a betrayal. An influential section of its elite has been complicit in this power game and is happy with the status quo. International connections add to their aura and trumped up credibility. No one is willing to raise even a finger against the Govt. of India.

This sorry state of affairs cannot continue for ever, and Auroville must be returned to its rightful owners. The Mother’s property has to be released from the hands of the unbelievers and atheists. Those who are opposed to this will have to set shop elsewhere. [TNM]     

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