Monday, November 22, 2010

Bid farewell to guerrilla warfare

Democracy/Enlightenment/Modernity ushered in the system of authorization or the representative and it has become the cornerstone of civil society. This also acknowledges the existence of diverse voices and encourages tolerance. Respect for the minority opinion, howsoever feeble it may be, is another characteristic. The representative, apparently, will have several personal shortcomings; but that is generally overlooked and what he says is addressed.

The Heehs imbroglio, conversely, takes the person as the target. Fairly educated individuals who are uncomfortable with the book are being attacked in a savage manner. All kinds of tactics are being adopted to silence them. This may succeed in the short run but not without denting severely the discursive environment. Therefore the need is to bid farewell to guerrilla warfare and sit across tables. [TNM]    

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