Friday, November 05, 2010

Das Gupta’s present task is to protect Heehs

[Party politics is the most meritocratic profession of all in democracies. The partyless wonders Shekhar Gupta indian express: Saturday, May 02, 2009]

The Mother never claimed perfection but insisted that it should be the aim in all our endeavors. The Heehs imbroglio, thankfully, has exposed various chinks in our armor and the Achilles' heels. Reforms are a continuous process and there are no short cuts. Lack of the customary spring-cleaning can cost a lot at times, and hence jettisoning jaded executives is a must.

Now that Das Gupta’s appointment letter has come under a cloud and so also the Savitri certificates by Amal Kiran and Nirodbaran, a thorough probe can establish what is true, and for that the present dispensation has to stand aside. Many muted voices can have their say once Das Gupta’s rod is out of the picture. It is not unlikely that many a skeleton emerge from the cupboards after his departure.

Das Gupta’s present task is to protect Heehs and rest of the responsibilities are secondary. As a fine actor he turns a blind eye to whatever is written regarding him. He feigns to listen to various opinions but is deaf to them. In his present avatar, he seems to be the most outrageous creation of Frankenstein ruling over some docile Lilliputians. [TNM] 

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