Monday, November 01, 2010

Deshpande vs. Das Gupta

[Comment posted by Sandeep Re: An Open Letter...The Jhumur Episode and The Registrar’s Non-Performance, date 22 September 2010
Sadhaks living in an Ashram do not have academic freedom (neither Peter Heehs not RYD); they must seek a higher kind of freedom - a freedom out of their lower self.]

One of the natural means of meeting such a situation is to go public. That is also the accepted mechanism of any open-ended and democratic system. Public institutions are bound by it. You must realise that a distinction has to be made between the Ashram—a spiritual centre—and a Public Institution which must follow the Law of the Land.
In this respect, I don’t see any reason to regret what I did, or what I will be doing whenever an occasion should arise. I am simply following the democratic principle. Regarding matters spiritual, it is the question only between my soul and the Mother, and there nobody else has any place. 9:25 AM]

[However, let me also add that we DO NOT pass all comments and nor are we obliged to. Apart from uncivil and abusive comments (of which we get many), which are deleted, individual authors and kafila commentators to whom readers respond, can decide not to pass comments if they feel the debate is not being furthered. (This is also in our policy). Often people just keep on and on so that they can get the last word and “correct” our “line”.
Kafila is one of the few non-mainstream spaces where odd, idiosyncratic and downright subversive and seditious voices can be heard. In this internet era, those whose comments we decide not to post can publicize their views on those issues and their anger at kafila freely all over the web, and believe me, they do! By: Nivedita Menon on October 29, 2010 at 8:50 AM]

Deshpande has been discouraging politics all along, but now when he feels cornered is swearing by the democratic principle. Better late than never, we welcome this change of stance. The referred episode of the Heehs imbroglio, however, can’t be seen in isolation and hence the dynamics of academic freedom is not the issue. Tyranny rather is the burning question here and we throw all our weight behind Deshpande to carry this battle to its logical end.

He has been patient and polite all through, and that is one reason why adequate mobilization of support has lagged behind. The resistance has taken many circuitous routes ill-advisedly, thus pushing the results further away. But a political issue cannot be resolved otherwise. Savitri Era Party requests everyone involved to ponder over this naked truth. [TNM]  

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