Saturday, November 20, 2010

Integral Yoga sans geographical baggage

Apart from the historical baggage, Integral Yoga is also anchored to a geographical baggage. The location of the Ashram and Auroville in India, in south India to be specific, assigns certain characteristics to it and imposes quite a few compulsions on the followers. These are, obviously, extraneous factors and need not influence the practitioners in their sadhana.

But for foreigners who live here, the feeling of being alien never evaporates. Cultural and racial difference plays a predominant role in their dealings with the Indians and invariably in unequal terms. And mostly they act as war correspondents thus molding the attitude of fellow followers residing faraway in their respective countries. This apart from their usual role as cultural ambassadors and spokespersons for their nation/ideology/product.

Postmodernism and globalization has unleashed an unprecedented impetus for aggrandizement of the local. The foreigner followers thus find them in an irreparable disadvantageous position in India. The fallout can be in two ways: some accept it and others protest. The protest, at the extreme, can take the form of subversion and disruption. Unfortunately, we are passing through this period of transition right now, and therefore, the need for vigilance and resistance. [TNM]  

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