Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Loud silence of empty vessel

Well Y.R, it is based on personal experience so it may ring true. Along the same lines, you might also like Four Epistemic Methods of Consciousness.]

[Comment posted by: Sandeep Re: Manoj Das Gupta demands... Definition of Sadhana
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother said all kinds of things to all kinds of people in different situations.  What principle to apply in a given situation requires some contact with the plane of Intuition.]

[Comment posted by: Anonymous (Anand) Re: Manoj Das Gupta demands... Definition of Sadhana
Agreed, but there was always an underlying consistency in approach, philosophy, vision, depth, universality, vastness, wideness, etc., etc.]

Sandeep speaks about certain principles “based on personal experience” whereas the high sounding pronouncements of Anand are emanating from an empty vessel. Anand must show that he has adhered to these virtues in his own life and thereby earn credibility. Otherwise, his comments are just idle juggling of borrowed words. [TNM]  

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