Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Mother chose to conquer the unspoilt Odisha

[Orissa is now Odisha, Oriya is Odia Economic Times Home » News » 9 Nov, 2010]

The Mother chose to conquer the unspoilt Odisha, and it is a miracle of the modern world. Some were obsessed with Gandhism, others with Marxism, and some others with Postmodernism. Reason was a formidable barrier and perhaps therefore she got a semi-educated person as her general. And the rest is history.

Niranjan Naik’s poignant essays triggered a potent momentum in the movement. Avidly awaited and widely read every month, his serials have baptized a whole generation of devotees and workers. His ‘Can life be Harmonious?’ in Utkal Prasanga (1972) is an evergreen arrow to swing the young minds.

Odisha is poised today to give disha to the whole world. It is The Mother’s wish. Let’s abide by that. [TNM]  

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