Monday, November 15, 2010

Prof Kamal Das emits a Kafkaesque chill

Prof Kamal Das is the latest angel to scavenge upon Heehs imbroglio. But hiding one’s past and identity is not enough to conceal one’s feet of clay. As human players in this whole drama, each one of us has his strengths and weaknesses. And what is wanted right now is credentials and the willingness to shoulder responsibilities.    

Obviously, Prof Kamal Das has none. And the same is the case with other pseudonym swordsmen. If Paulette sounds incoherent and clownish at times, it is because she is a flesh and blood human person, and we are all gloriously endowed with plenty of foibles and frailties. On the other hand, the impeccable prose of Prof Kamal Das or Barun Subudhi emits a Kafkaesque chill.

Anonymous entities attacking known persons is thus an anomaly. This practice is unethical, unfair, and absolutely uncalled for. To indulge in such a misdeed in the name of fighting for The Mother is doubly detrimental. The next generation is learning so many new principles of spirituality from the current animosity and let this not be one more. [TNM]

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  1. I am also anonymous but I have the right to speak if some one goes against Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

    There are also anonymous posters who attack SR,Pande and others and they defend Peter.