Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prof. Manoj Das & Prof Kamal Das

From Tusar N. Mohapatra to Manoj Das date 18 November 2010 21:19 subject Re:
Dear Manoj babu,
Namaskar. Since I felt that the issues raised in your letter are of vital importance to the ongoing debate, I published it. As regards the “lie” against you, it seems to be a minor prank considering the slew of slanders that are circulating about you. Being in the public life, better to take it in your stride, therefore.   

The point pertaining to Manoj Das Gupta, however, is a bit complex as the author has skillfully woven it within a hypothetical scenario. Let’s expect more clarity on the matter from comments by other contributors. [TNM]

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  1. You have failed to protect the image of Mother and Sri Aurobindo and you are attacking them who have done so. You do not love Sri Aurobindo, it seems.