Thursday, November 04, 2010

Savitri Era Party can easily diffuse the current crisis

[Looks like a party Seema Chishti, Indian Express, Thursday 4 November '10
The ability of political parties to transcend, even if very briefly, great social divides is too often undervalued.]

Parodies and proxy voices have dominated the debate over the Heehs imbroglio of late which appears to be the textual equivalent of a guerrilla war. Terrorism by non-State actors has been a headache in the modern world as the rules of the game are trampled upon nonchalantly. A democratic framework, therefore, remains the preferred choice all over the civilized world. It is within this scenario that a haughty St. Obama can feel chastened whereas an imprudent Das Gupta stays defiant in a feudal setting. 

Democracy operates mainly through political parties although numerous other organizations play the supporting roles. Politicians, no doubt, crave for incentives, but maintain a modicum of fair play for keeping the flock together. Rationality, thus, lends its utility out of sheer necessity. Besides, the demands of rule of law also forces logic and ethic in an uninviting climate.

A party, despite all shortcomings therefore, has an enormous advantage. As its policies are formulated by collective consultations, the bluntness of individual idiosyncrasies get smoothened and moderation prevails. Willingness to be a proactive player within the public sphere remains a perennial commitment regardless of the changing circumstances of the individual members.

Savitri Era Party is a humble beginning in this direction and also a training ground. Ambition and fame are not forbidden here, nor are they frowned upon. Honest dialogue under the aegis of a party can easily diffuse the current crisis tormenting the followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. [TNM]

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